Руководство пользователя программы FirstGate
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Руководство пользователя программы FirstGate


1. Краткое описание 

2. Технические требования 

3. Начало работы 

3.1 Запись сновидения 

3.2 Добавление "шара всприятия" 

3.3 Размещение "шара восприятия" на карте 

3.4 Создание зоны 

3.5 Разметка карты 

3.6 Работа со слоями карты 

4. Информация об ошибках

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" To gain new knowledge, you must share with someone old. This is not a whim, but an objective necessity - to get something, you need to give something away. This is how a chain of knowledge transfer is formed, and in due time you will also explain all this to someone - to go on yourself. We are not benefactors, we do not seek to change the world around us. We are changing our place in this world. "